Students, those who are appearing for Civil Services Mains exam, must be completing their preparations by now. For once it must be understood that preparation for mains is never over as such. But at one point, one must understand that, you should start consolidating by now. Its last month of preparations, you must tell yourself that whatever that you have studied earlier must be revised now. Entire syllabus be it, of General studies, or of optional subject, must be revised thoroughly. In fact somebody might think of 20 – 5 – 2 days formula to revise syllabus thrice in last month.

Also one should be looking forward to write two – three answers a day in a given timeframe of 9 minutes. Thinking of attempts, we must understand that you cannot answer all 20 questions with equal ease. So my suggestion would be to focus on 12 -13 questions with confidence and 3-4 questions with some workout. It would be ok to leave out 2-3 questions completely. You would like to mention certain points if you can link up the given questions to something you know. But otherwise try to put in more where you can fetch more marks. Try at least twice, to write two entire tests in one day. For matter of practice, we would be putting up some questions, which might be relevant for Civil Services Mains 2016.

In last month, it’s vital to keep your health, so don’t drink water and eat food from unhealthy or unreliable sources. To have a sound and enough sleep is also mandatory. If you sleep during afternoon, this is the time to give up that habit. You must be fully awake and alert in examination hours for at least 3 weeks. Preparing yourself for that is also a part of preparations. These are going to be most crucial days of your life, let’s give them due importance and do all those things which winners would do. After all it’s all about that: ‘Being a winner all the time’

All the bests!!!

Vinod Deshpande


Dhruv IAS Academy

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