Banking Exam


Dhruv IAS Academy is premier institute in competitive exams guidance with well established centres at Dombivli, Badlapur & Malad Established in 2008, by Mahesh Sawant & Vinod Deshpande with noble intentions of providing a quality institution to ambitious young minds who aspire for prestigious career in civil Services (UPSC / MPSC) examination.Read more

"Director, Dhruv IAS Academy, Faculty for History as an optional subject in UPSC, Polity and Science and Technology in General Studies of UPSC and MPSC exams. Specially known for his personal counselling, and command on tends of examinations thereby strategising prepartions for UPSC and MPSC Examinations."

Mahesh Sawant

"Director, Dhruv IAS Academy. Strategist for UPSC, MPSC and Banking Exams. Faculty for Political Science as an optional subject, Economy, issues of socio economic Importance and Ethics. Known for personal counseling and approach building."

Vinod Deshpande